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Panyaden Secondary School Library Panyaden

Secondary School Library published on ArchDaily

Secondary School Library published on ArchDaily We are proud to see our project Secondary School Library published on ArchDaily, one of the leading architectural platforms.

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Science Labs & Music Center @ Panyaden International School

Science Labs & Music Center published on designboom

Science Labs & Music Center published on designboom We at Chiangmai Life Architects are very proud that our project Science Labs & Music Center @ Panyaden International School was just published on designboom  Click here to read the article

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Panyaden International School

Panyaden International School on Design Terrains

Our project Panyaden International School has been featured on Design Terrains website. Panyaden’s main concept for design as well as curriculum is to connect. Connect us to our environment, connect natural materials with state-of-the-art engineering science, connect value-based education with…

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Modern Thai Eco Villa By Chiangmai Life Architects

Modern Thai Eco Home

Modern Thai Eco Home This project is new land for us as it combines a traditional Thai wooden roof with adobe brick walls and natural stone floors. It is still all natural materials and the design uses high roofs and…

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Wine Tasting Bamboo Pavilion Bamboo Architecture

Wine tasting bamboo pavilion

Wine Tasting Bamboo Pavilion On top of a hill north of Chiang Mai a wine tasting bamboo pavilion was commissioned to savor Dionysus' ambrosia together with a fine mountain view and full sun set scenario. The pavilion is situated in…

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Taiwan Architecture Magazine

Taiwan Architecture Magazine

CLC in Taiwan Architecture Magazine Our project formerly known as Trika Villa, now Eco G Resort in Chiang Mai is featured by the foremost Taiwan Architecture Magazine in Green Building. Initially the Trika Villa was conceived as a 5 bedroom…

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Eco Villa Bamboo Architecture

Eco Villa turned into Eco Resort

Eco Villa turned into Eco Resort One of our more famous projects, the Trika Villa was bought out and the new owner is turning it into a resort called Eco G Resort. We did some new features on this award…

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FuturArc On Sustainable Materials With Markus Roselieb

FuturArc on Sustainable Materials with Markus Roselieb

In it's latest edition FuturArc features an article on sustainable materials with Markus Roselieb of CLC as one of the main contributors. The interview focuses on how natural sustainable materials can be adapted and combined with modern technology to fit…

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Inhabitat Features Chiangmai Life Construction

Inhabitat features Chiangmai Life Construction

Inhabitat features Chiangmai Life Construction in its lead article of the day on 8 selected earth homes from all over the world. Our Trika Villa is featured as a "luxurious eye-catching slice of paradise": When building using earthen materials,…

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Interview In A Day BULLETIN

Interview In A Day BULLETIN Magazine

In an interview in A Day BULLETIN magazine Markus Roselieb talks about how working and living with natural materials automatically provides a basis for increased happiness in life. Not only are natural materials beautiful, great to touch and the best…

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Home Residence Magazine

Home & Residence Magazine on CLC

Home & Residence Magazine, a Thai language magazine on architecture, interior design, landscaping and life style interviewed Markus Roselieb of Chiangmai Life Construction on designing and building with natural materials, mainly bamboo and earth architecture. Home & Residence Magazine wanted…

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Frank Gehry With Markus Roselieb At CLC

Frank Gehry visits CLC

Frank Gehry visited CLC and had a talk with Markus Roselieb about bamboo and earth construction. Then they moved on to have a tour of Panyaden International School. Frank Gehry was on an official visit to Chiang Mai. As he…

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CLC In 3 Magazines

CLC in 3 Magazines

CLC in 3 magazines: Last week Chiangmai Life Construction Bamboo & Earth Architecture were featured in 3 magazines: FuturArc, Home&Residence and 'a day Bulletin'

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MeStyle Home Living Magazine

MeStyle Home&Living Magazine on Jon&Clair’s house

The adobe and bamboo residence of the cover story of MeStyle home and living magazine is about the first family home we built and its talented inhabitants. MeStyle home and living magazine is a publication that showcases special houses that have…

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Sarakadee Magazine

Talk about Panyaden International School by Chiangmai Life Construction focusing on bamboo and earth material: CLC in Sarakadee Magazine. In this article CLC is explaining the thoughts and concepts behind their bamboo and earth masterpiece design.

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Schools In Shadows and Wind

“Schools In Shadows and Wind” Korean & English architecture/landscape/urbanism magazine compares advanced school architecture from all over the world, featuring the environmentally friendly Panyaden School that Chiangmai Life Construction built with natural materials. Text available upon request from our office.…

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LeCourrier De L'Architecte

Article in French architecture website

Article in French architecture website featuring Chiangmai Life Construction. LeCourrier de l'Architecte recently published an article in french about our company and construction methods:

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The Voice of Green Architecture in Asia

The Voice of Green Architecture in Asia “…..clean surfaces and ‘lightness of feeling’ (instead of a dark atmosphere often associated with natural materials)…” Article by the magazine touted as The Voice of Green Architecture in Asia about Chiangmai Life Construction's…

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Bamboo Reinterpreted And Reformed

Bamboo has been creatively reinterpreted into a curved shape

"The bamboo has been creatively reinterpreted into a curved shape.." Japanese/English magazine (Issue 22, Aug 2011) feature article about how Panyaden School (built by CLC) uses bamboo to demonstrate how to use materials in environmentally friendly yet creative and functional…

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นับ ตั้งแต่ช่วงต้นปี 2011 ที่ผ่านมา จนถึงตอนนี้ คงต้องยอมรับกันว่าเป็นปีที่สภาพอากาศปรวนแปรอย่างเหลือเชื่อ แม้ไม่ถึงกับหนาวที่สุดในรอบ ...
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Green education in natural surroundings

Green education in natural surroundings Cover story Green Education about Panyaden School's philosophy which " the provision of education according to the Buddhist approach, emphasizing sufficiency and self-dependence. This notion inspired Yodphet Sudsawad and Dr. Markus Roselieb, the founders of…

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Little Buddhas

Little Buddhas

"Little Buddhas"" Les expatriés européens aiment jouir des meilleurs services à l’étranger…L’école Panyaden, créée par l’association Chiangmai Life Construction et les architectes 24H, dispense à leurs enfants (375 dont 10 à 20% de petits boursiers thaïlandais) une education fondée sur…

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Green Architecture

Green architecture a way of life

"Green architecture is not just a word, it's a way of Life" Chiang Mai Mail published an article about Chiangmai Life Construction's green architecture as a way of life. Markus Roselieb, owner of Chiangmai Life Construction firmly believes that not…

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Architecture of clay, bamboo and heart

Architecture of clay, bamboo and heart The ARTgazine architecture article above, first appeared in Bangkok Business News (Krungthep Turakij Daily). Markus Roselieb talked about bamboo architecture and the reasons for building Panyaden School with sustainable materials like bamboo and earth.…

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Wallpaper Magazine On Panyaden International School

Wallpaper Magazine on Panyaden International School

Feb, 2011 Wallpaper Magazine: "A holistic education and a love for nature" Wallpaper Magazine talks about the factors that inspired Panyaden International School founders Yodphet Sudsawad and Markus Roselieb (co-Founder) to build the school with materials from nature. Markus also talks…

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