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Chiangmai Life Architects and Construction

Bamboo Architecture


Bamboo is a beautiful lightweight tube with a tensile strength equal to steel. It is flexible and load bearing at the same time. A superior construction material if selected and treated well.

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Adobe bricks are very versatile. Its different textures (finished or unfinished, etc), and colours can transform an ordinary space into a special building of beauty that can stand the test of time.

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Rammed Earth

Rammed Earth

Rammed earth walls are beautiful and load bearing. They have a high thermal mass and thus protect the rooms from excessive heat or cold. And they last for hundreds of years.

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Wattle & Daub

Wattle & Daub

Wattle and daub walls provide high thermal and sound insulation. They are also much lighter in weight than adobe bricks or rammed earth walls. In addition they have a very low carbon footprint.

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Chiangmai Life Architects and Construction specializes in eco & sustainable architecture

Eco architecture means creating spaces that connect us to our environment, to nature. Sustainable architecture optimizes the lifecycle interaction between the project and its environment.

Connecting and combining are at the core of this design & lifestyle philosophy: connecting natural materials with modern engineering science, combining natural materials with modern materials, combining traditional approaches with modern space feeling, connecting inside and outside.

That connection is created by design and by the choice of materials.

We focus on organic architecture with free-flowing designs integrating buildings into their environment and into the nature of the place. This means observing nature’s designs, like the curves of leaves, mountain ridges, river flows or whatever else is an attractive line at a given place.

Natural materials automatically create a connection by touching the heart. Therefore, they promote harmony and wellbeing. At the same time, they are highly functional when used correctly. They provide great heat/cold insulation, noise insulation, they last long, they are a pleasure to look at and touch and create a heart-warming room feeling without much further decoration.

The goal is to create spaces conducive for inner peace that turns to smiles and happiness, as seen in the smile on the people’s and kids’ faces when they see and touch our buildings.

Bamboo and clay/earth are our materials of choice to achieve our objective to create such connecting bioclimatic spaces for homes, community, school or leisure use, fitting compassionately into their natural surroundings.

Modern bamboo & earth architecture

is our design contribution to the area of sustainable architecture and human lifestyle using big bamboo structures such as trusses for halls, schools, eco-resorts, clay and rammed earth for thermal mass, bamboo roof construction for organic shape and ventilation, all to create beautiful buildings ideally suited to the tropical climate.

Based in Thailand CLA (Chiangmai Life Architects) designs and CLC (Chiangmai Life Construction) builds big bamboo structures such as big bamboo trusses for halls, eco-resorts, villas, houses, schools as well as office and factory spaces. Our bamboo architects favor organic, free-flowing designs. We believe in the superior functionality of natural materials: earth, bamboo, rocks, wood and any combination of these. And of course bamboo and earth / clay keep our carbon footprint low – at the least we aim our green architecture to be carbon neutral or net zero carbon, with bamboo architecture we often have a negative carbon footprint, meaning our projects absorb more carbon then they release.

In order to extend the lifecycle and thus increase sustainability, we treat all bamboo used in our buildings with natural Borax salts.

The philosophy is to increase the quality of life of the client by using natural materials combined with modern, light and clean architecture. We design adobe, wattle & daub and rammed earth walls, rammed earth floors, bamboo roofs, bamboo structures, bamboo pavilions. For many these materials have the stigma of being “poor people’s materials” or outdated, “dirty” materials. Therefore we update these materials with 21st century engineering knowledge, design, research and marketing.

When using earth and bamboo as construction materials, you get closer to nature in many ways. For earth & bamboo architecture it is essential to understand the interaction of these materials with the elements.

That is “Life Construction”.

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