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Our bamboo furniture for your home and office is designed and made by local craftsmen. The materials used are bamboo and recycled hardwood. Here are some samples:

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Bamboo Furniture

Chair – Bamboo&Redwood- size 45x45x90cm

Furniture Bamboo Colourful Small Chair

Colourful Small Chair – Size 40x40x50cm

Furniture Long Bamboo Chair

Long Bamboo Chair – Size 50x200x40cm

Furniture Bamboo Chair

Bamboo Chair – Size 55x40x80cm

Furniture Bamboo Swing

Bamboo Swing – Size 80x50x30cm

Furniture Glass Top Bamboo Desk Chair Set

Glass Top Desk Chair Set – Size 60x110x80cm

Furniture Bamboo Desk

Bamboo Desk – Size 45x100x90cm

Furniture Bamboo Desk

Bamboo Desk – Size 60x120x80cm

Furniture Bamboo Desk Chair Set

Desk Chair Set

Furniture Bamboo Sofa 2-Arms

Bamboo Sofa (2-Arms) – Size 200x75x60cm

Furniture Bamboo Lounge Sofa 1-Arm

Bamboo Lounge Sofa (1-Arm) – Size 70x150x55cm

Furniture Bamboo Sofa Chair

Bamboo Sofa Chair – Size 75x70x55cm

Furniture Glass Top Bamboo Coffee Table

Glass Top Coffee Table – Size 70x70x50cm

Furniture Small Bamboo Oval Coffee Table

Small Oval Coffee Table – Size 50x60x30cm

Furniture Small Bamboo Round Coffee Table

Small Round Coffee Table – Size 50x50x30cm

Furniture Small Bamboo Triangular Coffee Table

Small Triangular Coffee Table – Size 40x40x30cm

Furniture Bamboo Coffee Table

Bamboo Coffee Table – Size 60x90x40cm

Furniture Bamboo Sofa

Bamboo Sofa Set (1)

Furniture Bamboo Sofa

Bamboo Sofa Set (2)

Furniture Elephant Bamboo Sofa

Elephant Bamboo Sofa – Size 220x80x70cm

Furniture Bamboo King Size Bed

Bamboo King Size Bed – Size 200x200x40cm

Furniture Bamboo Bedside Table

Bamboo Bedside Table – Size 35x35x45cm

Furniture Bamboo Bedside Table

Bamboo Bedside Table w-drawers – Size 50x50x50cm

Furniture Wall Cabinet

Wall Cabinet – Size 40x60x150cm

Furniture Bamboo Garden Chair

Bamboo Garden Chair – Size 75x200x60cm

Furniture Freestanding Bamboo Shelf

Freestanding Bamboo Shelf – Size 30x110x110cm

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