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Sunset Sala

This Sunset Sala was commissioned by our lovely client Khunying Noi at her beautiful property on top of a hill north of Chiang Mai within walking distance from her residence. As the views from this spot into the lands and mountains are spectacular, the idea was to create a space where she could rest after the long walk and have a glass of wine with her family or friends and watch the sunsets. The soft undulating lines of the hills and mountains, the elevated position and the vivid colours asked for a design that would not interfere with the existing beauty of nature but integrate and feel like it always belonged there and was just one more element in the symphony.

This the design used natural materials and colours and the design emulated the existing lines. The layout includes a big open space with views 180 degrees, a lockable storage room for the wine and a toilet.

Published by ArchDaily together with its sister the Meditation Cathedral

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