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Science Labs Panyaden

The architecture of the Science Labs Panyaden International School had to reflect the notion of integrating nature with contemporary design and modern engineering knowledge. Following these guiding principles CLA used natural materials such as bamboo, rammed earth and adobe bricks in organic design forms that integrate the buildings into their natural environment based on modern structural and safety calculations whilst achieving a minimal carbon footprint.

The Science Labs Panyaden consist of 3 lab rooms, chemistry, physics and biology, furnished with state-of-the-art equipment such as fume hoods, fresh air systems, emergency showers, etc. The building is shaped like an L, which because of the way the bamboo roof was designed looks like a heart from above. The middle compartment acts as the supply, storage and central distribution room for gas and all lab materials. Upon entering the lab rooms the unusual contrast of the exposed bamboo structure and earthen walls with the cutting-edge technology on display in the lab space is quite striking. Even more as the outcome is unexpectantly harmonious.  From every angle smooth flowing organic lines give this building an elegant and distinguished look and capture the imagination of the observer. Even science can be taught in elegant and pleasing environments instead of sterile labs.

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