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Private Bamboo and Earth Residence near Chiang Mai

This private bamboo and earth residence near Chiang Mai is constructed from adobe bricks and features a bamboo roof. It was designed for a family of four. The house consists of a master bed room, two smaller bedrooms, a living room with an open kitchen and an outside roof covered terrace/living room. Each bedroom has its own bathroom. This house has been featured on the front cover of magazines as its uniqueness and coziness was enhanced by the clients own interior and decorative skills creating a warm and happy family home. Wall paintings as well as indirect lighting from niches carved into the adobe brick walls create a cozy and welcoming feeling.  Old recycled window frames and antique doors set into the adobe brick walls give the house its classic atmosphere. The old wood and the natural colors used blend harmoniously with the other natural materials.

The lay out separates the kitchen and living room from the 2 smaller bedrooms such creating more privacy. At the same time the walk way allows air to flow through the whole structure more easily, cooling down the whole house. The bamboo roof itself as well as the adobe brick walls are also very good heat insulators, making the use of air conditioners unnecessary throughout the whole year.

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