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Panyaden Nursery & Primary School

Panyaden International School was conceived as a place where children play and live in contact with nature. The school was built in 3 phases. The first 2 phases are now Panyaden Nursery & Primary School. The Nursery with the youngest children is in the center of the school bordered on one side by the Primary School and on the other by the recently built Secondary School.

We strongly believe that living in harmony with nature anchors us and gives us the opportunity for a loving relationship with out precious planet. Therefore all classrooms are directly connected to the nature in front of them and all are encouraged to run around barefoot. The classrooms are surrounded by a grassy lawns and orchards. This set up also gives the children a lot of space to run around and climb trees use their endless energies. But not only is the school situated in nature, all buildings are also built with natural materials only. The walls are made of rammed earth and adobe bricks and the roofs and pavilions are made of bamboo. The design idea is playful organic shapes that capture the children’s’ imagination. The rammed earth walls have little caves that let the children retreat or sit and read together in a small womb like atmosphere. The natural colors and the texture of the materials create a harmonious and soft environment that make the children at ease and enjoy themselves. Most children really love to come to school and often refuse to leave when school is over.

The architecture combines natural materials with 21st century space and safety requirements as well as latest technology. The rooms are bright and spacey with a contemporary feel. All rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art air conditioning systems that dont blow cold air into the children’s’ necks but slowly disperse cool air from above. Also all rooms have a specially developed air purifying system that provides clean and well oxygenated air even when the outside air is heavily polluted.

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