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Bamboo Sports Hall Panyaden International School 

Panyaden International School is situated in the city of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. It’s philosophy is to teach human values based on love for nature and Buddhist educational principles alongside an internationally competitive British curriculum. As the climate is mainly hot or wet, it became important as the school grew to provide for a sheltered sports arena. Thus the Panyaden International School Sports Hall was conceived.

True to its principles the whole school was built only with natural materials to bring the kids closer to nature and show them these materials are actually superior to the main construction materials as they keep the rooms cool and are pleasant to look at and touch. At the same time they reduced the carbon footprint by 90% compared to the standard techniques of construction. Therefore one of the main design requirements was to stay in line with these principles and use only bamboo as structural material. The other requirements were to create a space for Futsal, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton as well as to incorporate a stage for performances and talks. The hall was also to be used as assembly hall. Furthermore the design should integrate this big building into the environment with organic flowing curves rather than to make it an architectural statement on its own. The design and construction  process was discussed and shown in a previous post.

Here we show how bamboo can create a space that is 17 meters wide and high without any steel reinforcements. From the outside it looks like it has grown there or transformed from one of the rolling hills in the background to become a human artifice. As in fact the Panyaden International School Sports Hall is a combination of careful artistic design, beautiful detailed handicraft and major construction.

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