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Classroom Village with Bridges

At the center of Panyaden International School’s Secondary Campus is the Classroom Village with Bridges. It consists of 3 2-storey buildings that face each other and such create a little village with a courtyard. This helps to keep the attention on the subject and minimizes the distraction from movements elsewhere in the campus. At the same time it helps to create a student community as they all learn to know each other better. All buildings are build from earth and bamboo and are connected by bamboo bridges. The inside feel is spacey as the courtyard front is all glass and brings a lot of light inside. All classrooms are cooled by the latest state-of-the-art air conditioning systems that slowly distribute the cool air instead of blowing it into your neck. They are also equipped with a sophisticated positive pressure air purifying system that supplies clean air even when the outside pollution levels are high. At the same time it keeps the rooms well oxygenated and such increases attention levels. The Second level is reached via ramps and staircases. The upper level walkways are continuously guarded by bamboo rails and provide a great view of the courtyard

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