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Bamboo Sala for Winetasting

CLA was commissioned by a lovely client to design and build a bamboo sala for winetasting as well as for enjoying the spectacular view that the property had to offer.

Situated on top of a hill in the northern outskirts of the city of Chiang Mai, the land is sloped towards the northern mountains, beautiful but empty and needed a center of attention to draw the extended family to use it more often. Tasting a glass of light white wine into the sunset or a glass of red over a grilled dinner, was the theme devised to bring more use to the land.

CLA designed a 70 sqm structure that is dominated by a bamboo cupola on one side, followed by a store room for the wine and a bathroom. The sala is situated right in the center of the property next to the only tree there, enjoying its shadow most of the day. The main space faces the sunset and offers the full view of the mountains and surrounding countryside. It is an open space, defined by bamboo arches. On the backside it is protected with a bamboo fence.

Next is a store room separated by a wattle&daub wall that keeps the interior cool and dark. It is fitted with a shelf and enough space for wine refrigerators. On its other side is a sink for washing the glasses and dishes. From there you can enter the toilet or walk around to a covered shower on the backside.

For the event that too much wine was tasted or younger family members wanted to camp out, 2 small cabins were added. One of them with bamboo walls and the other one open on three sides to be used with just a mosquito net. All were fitted with plugs to charge phones, lights and fans. Camping has to be civilized.

This bamboo sala for winetasting is another example how modern bamboo and earth architecture can increase the charm of a beautiful property.



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