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Bamboo Cocoon

In the picturesque settings of the rice fields in northern Thailand, CLA (Chiangmai Life Architects) designed the bamboo cocoon to give form to the owners’ plan of building a round house. The design is based on 6 prefabricated bamboo arches that were lifted into place by a crane. These arches “grow” out of the floor and form a cupola. The dome and the round adobe brick walls create a circular living room. But from the outside the big bamboo roof is more like a hat, extending on 2 sides and such creating additional living spaces with covered terraces on the north and east side. The entrance door is also round with its own little dome, creating a hobbit like appearance which is enhanced by the oval and round windows.

The advantage of Bamboo is that it is not only a great structural material if used correctly but also is beautiful to look at in its finished version. Therefore exposing the structural elements of the bamboo dome enhances the livability and charm of any room. Together bamboo and earthen walls are also great insulators and keep the inside temperature nice and cool. Bamboo architecture by CLA


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