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2-Storey Bamboo Earth Family Home

This 2-storey bamboo earth family home near Chiang Mai houses a family of 4. It consists of 3 bedrooms, for the parents and the 2 children, and one more room that could either be used as office, meditation room or guest room. The master bedroom occupies the top floor of a little tower on one side of the house with a great view of Doi Suthep, the city’s beloved mountain. The big open kitchen with a dining table is connected to the living room and has a ventilation space between the earthen walls and the bamboo roof. This space allows for natural ventilation and creates an air flow, therefore eliminating  the necessity for air conditioners.

As the house is situated in the valley of Chiang Mai where summer temperatures often are above 40 degree Celsius and the burning of the woods make the air sometimes unhealthy, the bedrooms have been fitted with air conditions.

The house’s outer walls are made of adobe bricks and it is covered by a free form bamboo roof. The living room features a rammed earth wall.  The floors are either wood, rammed earth or tiles.



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