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Chiangmai Life Architects and Construction

Bamboo Architecture


Bamboo is a beautiful lightweight tube with a tensile strength equal to steel. It is flexible and load bearing at the same time. During its growth is absorbs carbon instead of releasing carbon like steel. A superior construction material



Adobe bricks are very versatile. Its different textures (finished or unfinished, rough, combed, smoothed and so on), and colours can transform an ordinary space into a special building of beauty that can stand the test of time

Rammed Earth

Rammed Earth

Rammed earth as load bearing material in combination with bamboo as material with superior tensile strength has proven the material of choice for customers who want to avoid the high carbon footprint of steel and concrete

Wattle & Daub

Wattle & Daub

Wattle and daub is most noteworthy for providing high thermal and sound insulation. It’s advantage is  that this technique is much lighter in weight than adobe bricks or rammed earth. In addition it has a very low carbon footprint.

Chiangmai Life Architects and Construction specializes in modern bamboo & earth architecture and quality construction. Based in Thailand CLA (Chiangmai Life Architects) designs and CLC (Chiangmai Life Construction) builds big bamboo structures such as big bamboo trusses for halls, eco-resorts, villas, houses, schools as well as office and factory spaces. We favor organic, free-flowing designs. We believe in the superior functionality of natural materials: earth, bamboo, rocks, wood and any combination of these. At the same time sustainable designs and sufficiency life style are important hallmarks of our projects. We treat all bamboo used in our buildings with natural Borax salts.

The philosophy is to increase the quality of life of the client by using natural materials combined with modern, light and clean architecture. We specialize in adobe, wattle & daub and rammed earth walls, rammed earth floors, bamboo roofs, bamboo structures, bamboo pavilions. For many these materials have the the stigma of being “poor people’s materials” or outdated, “dirty” materials. For us these materials rather haven’t been updated with 21st century knowledge, design, research and marketing. The main stream was made to believe that concrete solves all problems. We don’t think so.

Sufficiency and sustainable architecture are natural consequences of our bamboo & earth architecture

At the core is the use of common sense and not the need to follow any doctrine.

We use natural materials because they simply make more sense for the individual as well as the rest of the world.They provide great heat/cold insulation, noise insulation, they last long, they create a warm room feeling. At the same time we embrace any useful progress and knowledge that mankind has produced over the years. Concrete is the best foundation material, modern tools are a joy to work with, but the main factors for outstanding work are still a creative human mind and skilled hands. Modern technology and lifestyle can easily be integrated with bamboo and earth architecture.

First comes the clients need, the desired function. Then the space. Then the materials. All these factors are considered in the right order until the form and design evolves through a process of taking a plausible idea and bouncing it back and forth until everybody smiles and nods his head.

We believe that making a design on paper which supposedly can be planted anywhere is missing the point of creating livable housing. What about the sun and its heating and light effects during the span of a day? How to deal with the water that is already there and the rain water that can flood you at the wrong time? What about the wind that can cool you but also destroy your roof?

When using earth and bamboo as construction materials, you get closer to nature in many ways. For earth & bamboo architecture it is essential to understand the interaction of these materials with the elements.

That is “Life Construction”.

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