Bamboo and Earth Architecture – Chiangmai Life Architects & Construction

specializes in modern bamboo and earth architecture and construction. We specialize in big bamboo buildings, big size bamboo structures, big bamboo truss based halls and favor organic designs and  build adobe, wattle & daub and rammed earth walls as well as big bamboo structures and bamboo roofs. Bamboo treatment is done by natural borax salts. Chiangmai Life Construction combined with modern earth construction designs, provide outstanding examples of contemporary bamboo earth architecture and maintaining the benefits of sustainable materials.. CLA and CLC provide architectural design services for eco resorts, sustainable developments, housing projects, real estate  developers. We design eco houses, offices, halls, landmark structures, bridges, gates, playgrounds, villas, eco villas, residences. We make bamboo furniture, provide landscape design, environmentally friendly, project management, waste water, rammed earth, adobe, wattle and daub, bamboo treatment, design, home, บริษัท, เชียงใหม่ไลฟ์, คอนสตรัคชั่น, จำกัด, Chiang Mai, Thailand, sustainable. follow us on facebook